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How does the Council work?

The Council operates a committee structure where the majority of decisions made are made by one of the two committees. For more important decisions, such as creating new employment posts, taking on assets and setting the precept, the decision is made by the Full Council.

The Internal Committee (which deals with Finance, Personnel, Assets and General Operations) and the External Committee (which deals with Events, Environmental Issues, Town Initiatives) meets once a month to consider matters as detailed on the agendas.

The Council employs the Town Clerk and other officers to implement the decisions made by the Councillors and the routine administration of the Council. The Town Clerk is responsible for managing all other employees and ensuring the Council follows correct procedure and legislation.



Town Clerk  – Lisa Benskin (

Deputy Town Clerk  – Nicola Antoney (

Events Manager – Dave Thompson (

Vision Manager  – Bev Cope (

Heritage Officer  – Kerry Kirwan (

Facilities Manager  – Janet Jones (

Administration Assistant  – Elisabeth Nicholson  (

General Maintenance  – Darren Ketley (

Caretaker – Kath Scholtze

To view a organisational chart for the Council staff, please click here



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logo Services include:

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The running of the Town Hall Office and Function Suite.


Developing the Middlewich Neighbourhood Plan, a community-driven initiative that sets out the future direction for the town, allowing residents to have a direct say in the planning of housing, employment and the environment.


The running of Southway public conveniences.


The provision of Christmas lights.


The organisation of Middlewich events, including the FAB Festival, the Classic Car and Bike Show, the British Town Crier Championships, the Taste & Tipple Weekend, the Christmas Fayre and the Tree of Light Service.


Providing support to Middlewich Heritage.


Providing support to the monthly Makers Market.


Providing regular and one-off grants to local organisations within the voluntary and community sector, through our Grant Scheme.


The maintenance of local streets and care for the environment, in conjunction with Cheshire East Council.


The part-funding of our Middlewich Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).

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Provides or is responsible for services including:

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Social care and health.


Waste and recycling.


Children, schools and families.


Council tax, business rates and housing benefits.




Environmental health and licensing.


Leisure, culture and tourism.


Maintenance of Highways.


General enquiries can be made to the Cheshire East Information Line on 0300 123 5500; a full list of contact numbers can be accessed here.

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Councillor Vacancy