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Roman Middlewich


Our Roman roots


Middlewich has a long and spectacular history, having been founded by the Romans in AD 70. Primarily used as an auxiliary military base, Middlewich eventually became one of the major Roman sites for salt production. Much of the evidence of our Roman past comes from excavations of the fort at Harbutt’s Field, which revealed telling signs of occupation and industry.


History comes alive in Middewich


You can discover our town’s exciting history for yourself by embarking upon the Roman Middlewich Trail. Starting at Middlewich Library, the route follows a succession of distinctive red interpretation panels which detail significant facts and locations concerning our Roman heritage. The trail looks at Roman Midddlewich, the salt making industry, the military and more. An accompanying trail guide leaflet and audio guide are available from Middlewich Library, which also features an exhibition of Roman artefacts excavated from around the town. We also have a further exhibition and virtual museum website planned for the future so that we can further showcase our heritage and culture.

Embark on the Roman Middlewich Trail yourself by visiting Middlewich Library, located at:

Lewin Street, Middlewich, Cheshire East CW10 9AS or telephone 01606 288070


Celebrating a fascinating heritage


In 2001, the Roman Middlewich Project was begun, seeking to unveil the hidden secrets of our town. In the years following, there have been a number of celebratory Roman festivals which have been massively successful for the town. Featuring displays from an Ermine Street Guard, Roman cavalry, chariots and gladiators and activities such as falconry, pottery making and salt making, our festivals have offered a truly engaging and unique take on Roman life. The original project and its ensuing festivals have created a lasting legacy for Middlewich, and over the last decade have had a major influence on our town’s sense of community pride and awareness of our fantastic heritage.