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Rainbows Day Nursery

Rainbow Day Nursery is a privately owned nursery situated at Rainbows JpegBrooks Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire. We offer full day care facilities and sessional care for children aged 0-12 years. We have places for 118 children, full time or part time to suit parent’s individual needs. We offer flexible government funded sessions for all three and four year olds.

At Rainbow Day Nursery we aim to provide an extension of the family environment , where your child is cared for in a safe, secure and stimulating environment along with high quality care and dedicated, qualified staff.

Our excellent facilities that include a sensory room and a developed outdoor space ensure that children are exposed to a range of different activities. We believe this encourages them to become livelong learners and allows them to develop to their full potential.

We understand the stresses of childcare and our aim is to make life easy for the parents by offering flexible, all inclusive childcare that caters for all your child’s needs. We understand that every child is an individual and we treat them as such at Rainbow Day Nursery.

To learn more about what Rainbow Day Nursery can offer your family visit our website .