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Off The Grid

Middlewich Fab Festival Music Crowd

‘Off The Grid’ will perform at Middlewich ‘FAB Festival 2017’ on Saturday 17th June. ‘Off The Grid’ are three high school students from Cheshire who have been performing together for just one year.  In that short time they have been invited to play at a number of folk festivals, have won a battle of the bands contest and wowed audiences in Liverpool last summer as part of the “Folk on the Dock” music weekend. Each band member can play a variety of instruments including, ukulele, mandolin, acoustic and bass guitars and banjo giving them a uniqueness as they swap and change between songs. They play a mixture of original music and covers and have a very exciting future ahead of them and in the words of Janice Long, who introduced them in Liverpool “the future of British music is safe as long as we have bands like Off the Grid!”