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Middlewich Town Council runs a number of monthly committees where matters important and essential to the town are discussed. Please see a list of committees below, who is on which committee and click on a committee to view minutes.


Town Council 2020-2021

Chairman – Councillor Mike Hunter

Deputy Chairman – Councillor Jonathan Parry

Internal Committee

Internal Terms of Reference June 2020

Jonathan Parry (Chairman)

Carol Bulman (Vice-Chairman)

Pauline Hickey

David Latham

Gareth Williams

Graham Orme

Sean Boyle



External Committee

External Terms of Reference June 2020

Chris Jones (Chairman)

Gareth Williams (Vice-Chairman)

Sean Boyle

Carol Bulman

David Latham

Vicky Perez

Graham Orme



Both the Chairman and Deputy are on both committee as ex-officio full voting members.


Town Council
Policies and Procedures

Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

General Governance and Operations

Important issues for the Town/Council

Internal Committee


Personnel and Recruitment



External Committee
Events and Town Centre Management

Open spaces, Parks and Play Areas

Environment and Air Quality



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